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Accepting Credit Card Payments with noChex

powershop is a nochex compatible shopping cart system and integrates with nochex in just a few easy steps.

In order to use nochex with your ekmpowershop store you must signup for a nochex account by going to, if you need any help with signing up with nochex our support team are more than happy to help.

Once you have got your nochex account setup you need to activate nochex processing within your ekmpowershop store, to do this you need to login to your ekmpowershop store and go to Settings > Payment Processing.

In order to nochex to process your credit card transactions you need to select it from the list. You also need to specify your unique nochex Username in the space provided.

Once you have done this nochex will require you to test your shop and account, ekmpowershop's default state is in test mode so you simply need to change the mode to to live when required.

Once this is all complete you're ready to start taking payments using your ekmpowershop online shop and nochex.

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