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Creating a hyperlink

Using EkmPowershop it is very simple to create a hyperlink to another website.

Firstly, decide where you want the link to appear, such as an editable side area, and go in to edit that area, and you will be presented with the WYSIWYG editor.

Just type the text that you want to make into a link into the editor, and the highlight the text, as shown below, and click on "insert/edit link" in the formatting tools at the top.

Adding hyperlink.png

A pop up window should now appear;

Create link.png

Simply type the URL that you want the link to go to into the URL bar, and click OK, and the highlighted text will be turned into a hyper.

It is also possible to change the link type drop down to E-mail, so that when your customer clicks the link, it opens their default e-mail client, and lets them send an e-mail;

Email link.png

Now you can specify the e-mail address that the e-mail will be sent to, and a default subject and message body that is automatically entered into the e-mail for your customer.

The third option in the drop down in an anchor with your webpage, but you first need to create some anchors in the page for this to work. For more information on this, take a look at our support guide here.

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