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Customers overview

This section is where you go to view and process any orders which have been placed on your ekmPowershop. As a shop owner you will receive an automated email every time an order is placed.

This will notify you to log in to your account to process your order. To view your customers and orders, simply click on the customers icon as show below:


Once you have done this, you will see the following screen:

View Orders


This screen lists all orders placed on your ekmPowershop, You can filter and search through all of these orders quickly and easily using the search box.

There are also bulk actions you can use for your orders:


In order to perform a bulk actions, click on the check box on the left hand side of the order first.

Once the orders have been selected, you can perform the following actions in bulk:

  • Print Selected
  • Delete Selected
  • Change Order Status

Once you have finished amending orders in bulk, select the ‘save' button to return to the previous screen.

Modifying Orders

Once an order has been placed by a customer, it will appear in your orders list as below:


Select the customer from the left hand menu to view their order (it will appear in the middle).


When viewing the billing details, you have a couple of options.

Fix Case


If customers have entered details with incorrect case, it will add in the correct upper-case and lower-case characters to neaten up the display.

Map View


This gives you a map view of the address given, to aid with verifying or finding an address

Verify Address


This allows you to verify that the address entered is correct by doing a Royal Mail lookup based on the details entered. This requires the Postcode Lookup feature to be installed and credits to be purchased in order to work.

'Editing an Order'

You can change the following attributes on the order:

  • Billing Details
  • Shipping Details
  • Product Details
  • Totals

To edit the order details, click the edit button shown on the image below.

Click the ‘edit’ button and you can amend all the details of the order.


Once you have edited the billing and shipping details you can move onto the products ordered.


You are then able to change the following:

  • Change The Price Of A Product
  • Change The Quantity Of A Product


Click the save button to keep your changes. (For instance, the price on the order will automatically be updated)

You can also add a new product to the order if you wish.

Once you have edited the order items box, you will see an empty box beneath your products.


To add a new product, simply click on the green arrow on the left


A pop up box will appear with a list of all products in your ekmPowershop. Simply select the product you wish to add to the order then click the ‘Select Product’ button.


Once you’ve done, click the save button. (The price on the order will update automatically)

To edit the main total again, place your curser over the total box. A delivery and override button will appear.


Click the ‘delivery’ button to select a different delivery method (delivery methods are created in the delivery settings area of your ekmPowershop)


Select the desired delivery method and click the ‘ok’ button to apply the changes. The order will be updated with the new information.

You can also change the following attributes by clicking the override button

  • Sub Total
  • Delivery
  • Tax
  • Total


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