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Stock control settings

This guide will show you how to setup stock control once you have logged into your ekmPowershop account.

To access the Stock Control area you will need to log into your ekmPowershop account, then click on settings > stock control > You will be presented with the following screen.


To activate stock control simply select 'Yes' from the 'Use Stock Control' dropdown box in the screen shot above.

The next step is to choose how you would like the stock control system to handle products that are out of stock.

The options are:-

Display message and Allow purchase. Using this option will display the Out of Stock Message as seen in the above screen shot. A customer will be told that the item is out of stock but will also be able to still order it going through the checkout process.

Display Message and Disallow Purchase. Using this option will display the message which you have typed into the Out of Stock Message as seen in the above screen shot. A customer will be told that the item is out of stock and will not be able to buy it.

Remove Product from display. Using this option will simply remove the product out sight to your customers once they are out of stock. (please note you will be able to view the products that are out of stock if you are logged in your account)

The next stock control option is the "Out of Stock Message" element. What you enter within this field will display against that item when the stock level has reached zero.

With 'Variant Behavior' you can tell the system what to do when the default variant is out of stock.

Next is the "Low Stock Levels" prompt. The numeric value you set within the drop down box will be the trigger value for when your ekmPowershop sends you a notification email to advise the stock is running low.

You can also configure the system to allow customers to be emailed when an out of stock item comes back in stock. The system will collect the customer's email address on the out of stock product page, and then when you have returned the stock level to above zero, the system will trigger an email to the customers that have requested a back in stock notification.

In order for the system to be able to collect the email address from your customers, the [ekm:backinstock][/ekm:backinstock] tag needs to be added into your product page design. A full guide to this tag can be found here

Now that you have set your stock control options, you now need to give stock value to your products.

To do this you will need to view your site in 'Shop' mode (by clicking the 'Shop' button on the toolbar) and go to a product which you want to give a stock. Once you see the product you wish to give a stock value to, simply click the edit button.

You will then be presented with the following screen


As the screen shot shows you can give it a stock value. Once you have set your stock click the update button. All that is left to do is to do this for all the products which you have added to your online shop.

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