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Troubleshooting: problems logging in

If you are having problems signing into ekmPowershop it is almost always caused by your computer blocking cookies.

ekmPowershop uses cookies for allowing the shop owner to log into their account. (note that your customers do not need cookies enabled to use your store).

In all cases the cookies issue comes down to the computer configuration, we recommend trying the following steps...

1.Just try logging in again. If your browser asks you to accept cookies, choose "accept" each time.

2.Clear your browser's temporary internet files and cookies.

3.Perhaps your browser is not set to allow cookies. Consult "Help" on your browser to find out how to change this setting.

4.If you have any Cookie blocking software installed (such as ZoneAlarm, Norton, etc...) try disabling it.

5.Check your system time and ensure it is set to the correct time and date.

6.Check the version on your browser (Go to "Help... About.."). Users of old browsers may want to update to the latest versions.

7.Try using a different web browser such as FireFox to test your computers acceptance of Cookies.

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