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Why do I keep getting timed out?

Ekmpowershop will not time you out of your shop for 48 hours, so if you find that you are getting signed out of your account frequently that this will be a local issue with either your computer or network.

Most commonly, it is a firewall that is resetting the session after an amount of data is passed to the server. Every time you are “writing” to your shop or making a change, you are sending data out from your PC. If you get a timeout after so much data is sent from your machine to the web, rather than simply leaving it doing nothing, then you will have some form of security that is monitoring the outbound traffic and re-setting the session when a certain limit is reached.

The security settings will need to be revised by yourself, or your network administrator, in which ever pieces of software you have monitoring your machine. This would include firewalls, anti-viruses, Windows security etc.

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